About Us

Salus Alpha Group AG is the holding company of the individual Salus Alpha entities. Salus Alpha was founded with the vision of merging the tenfold larger traditional fund world with the alternative investment fund world.

As pioneering firm in UCITS compliant Hedge Funds; Salus Alpha is motivated by the need to provide exceptional solutions to meet investors’ requirements for liquidity, safety of assets and market independent attractive returns. Our Hedge Fund structures with daily liquidity are unmatched till today. The Group engages in wealth and asset management for high net worth individuals and institutional investors and provides tailored solutions for clients and their financial needs.

Salus Alpha’s exceptional innovation potential is demonstrated by a list of worldwide groundbreaking developments such as launching the world's first UCITS eligible Hedge Fund Indices or implementing the first UCITS Hedge Funds with daily liquidity. The Group’s current revolutionary project is the launch of the first online platform for retail investors to invest in Hedge Funds. 

The Group’s commitment to investment management, wealth administration and risk management is supported by experts in various fields such as investment analysis, fund management and fiscal law. Through their combined knowledge and expertise they have identified the urgent need to provide customized and enhanced investment products for our clients. Unlike other firms we believe that wise investment planning relies on the use of sophisticated asset allocation models and analysis to meet each client's overall investment objectives with accuracy and responsibility.

Founded in Europe the Group expands currently globally with offices in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Columbia, Peru, Chile and South Africa to facilitate local presence and relationships. Bringing Hedge Funds to the traditional fund space produces enormous growth potential and by exporting our knowledge into the global market we are totally committed to ensuring that our exceptional investment solutions will revolutionise the traditional fund world.